My Favourites

Over the past four years, I have visited more than 200 Japanese restaurants throughout Greater Vancouver. These are my favourites out of all the ones I have tried.

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What I liked about the restaurants listed above (not in any particular order):

Miku (Downtown) - An upscale restaurant with beautiful views of the harbour. The Aburi Salmon Oshi and the Ebi Fritter are must-trys. Other dishes are thoughtfully prepared as well. Sister restaurant Minami is also one of my favourites and provides a more relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Authentic.

Kaide (Downtown) - A traditional sushi bar that serves well-executed nigiri. The Toro Nigiri is a must-try. Authentic.

Toshi (Vancouver, Northeast) - Very fresh hamachi, and the Chicken Miso Yaki was absolutely delicious. Authentic.

Ajisai (Vancouver, Southwest) - Some rolls are very good (ex. Sukiyaki Roll). Serves many different varieties of fish at the raw bar. Authentic.

Hamaei (North Vancouver) - The best Japanese food I have had in North Vancouver. Tempura was a treat. Nigiri is decent as well. Authentic.

Sushi Nami (North Vancouver) - Serves quality, photogenic Japanese fusion food. Another solid choice on the North Shore.

Kiriri (Richmond) - Has a very traditional feel. Crème Brûlée was excellent. The Kaiseki lunch set is amusing to see and generally well-prepared. Authentic.

Sushimoto (Burnaby) - Many dishes are carefully executed and they do a wonderful job of searing their special rolls and nigiri.

Sushi S (Burnaby) - A popular restaurant in South Burnaby with a variety of well-executed special rolls and fusion dishes. The icon on the top left of my blog is a roll from Sushi S.

Sushi Karis (Coquitlam) - A hidden gem in Coquitlam. Affordably priced dishes that are consistently good and prepared with care.

Sushi Boss (Coquitlam) - Very fresh sockeye salmon (some of the best I've had to date). A cute little restaurant up on Westwood Plateau.

Kami (South Surrey) - Puts effort into almost all menu items. Baked rolls are quite tasty, and the Negitoro was very well made.

Shinobi (Maple Ridge) - Food is generally well-prepared and the Oxygen Fitness Roll is one of the tastiest seared rolls in my books.