Monday, October 12, 2015

Episode #125: Blowfish Sushi

Vancouver (Northeast), $$ (Moderately Priced)

After the somewhat traumatic experience of writing two math midterms one after the other, my mind quickly switched from 100% math to 100% sushi. It's always good to have a versatile mind. Not wanting to bus a whole hour to downtown Vancouver for sushi, I settled for lunch at Blowfish Sushi instead. A few years ago, I had a positive experience at Blowfish Sushi, and this time, I returned to see that the restaurant had been renovated and now exhibited a more classy, modern look. They had also added a few more Japanese fusion items to the menu.

Blowfish Sushi's menu is now quite extensive and ranges from standard Japanese dishes to an assortment of innovative special rolls and Aburi oshi sushi. The math part of my brain decided to no longer function properly, so I ended up ordering enough food to feed a family of three. Goodbye, wallet...

Miso Soup - A-

Among the things I ordered was the Sashimi Combo, which contained a Miso Soup. The Miso Soup was so hot that the bowl started doing bowl pirouettes on the table. While there were several close calls in which I nearly tipped the bowl over or made it fall off the table, I enjoyed the Miso Soup for its rich flavour, which came from its high concentration of miso paste. Green onion, tofu, and seaweed garnished the miso soup.

Next, the rest of the Sashimi Combo arrived on a large tray. Everything was presented neatly, and the portions were on the larger side. I immediately remarked to the waitress, "I'm definitely going to need a takeout box."

Tempura Taster - B-

The Tempura Taster came with one prawn, one piece of kabocha, and two pieces of sweet potato. While Blowfish Sushi has many strengths, tempura doesn't seem to be one of them. The prawn, being the best of the bunch, was meaty and had a good snap. Both the kabocha and the sweet potato were sliced much too thickly, but at least they remained amply moist. The batter was rather thick and hard in places.

Green Salad - B

The Green Salad consisted of lettuce and thin slices of carrot with a drizzle of very tangy Japanese salad dressing. The pieces of lettuce were not the easiest to chew, but the small amount of dressing was enough to provide enough flavour to the entire salad.

Tuna Sashimi - B+
Salmon Sashimi - A-

The Tuna Sashimi was soft and sliced into thin but large pieces. Aside from a very slight hint of fishiness, it was decent. The Salmon Sashimi was fresh and had a nice buttery flavour along with a really smooth texture.

Chicken Teriyaki on Rice - A-

The Chicken Teriyaki was the quite the filler and came with several tender slices of chicken. The pan-fried skin on the chicken had a crispy texture, and the vegetables underneath were adequately dressed with teriyaki sauce. 

Aburi Salmon Oshi - A-

Whenever I see Aburi Salmon Oshi on the menu, you can quite safely bet that I will order it. Here, it was $12 for 8 pieces, which is a good deal for this dish. The Aburi Salmon Oshi came with pressed salmon, very thin slices of jalapeño, and a seared layer of signature sauce. They used lots of buttery Atlantic salmon for a rich flavour and a smooth texture. I also liked how the jalapeño did not overwhelm the creamy oshi sauce. It would be excellent if it had slightly less rice.

Salmon River Roll - A

Because I just needed to have more salmon, I also ordered the Salmon River Roll, which consisted of salmon tempura, avocado, smoked salmon, sesame crumble, and house vinaigrette. The harmonization of flavours from the vinaigrette, the smoked salmon, and the sesame crumble was excellent. The vinaigrette provided a slight tanginess that was balanced by the sweet flavour of the sesame crumble. With all this going on, I was still able to taste the savoury salmon tempura inside the roll. I liked this roll years ago and I still like it now!

Much to the waitress' surprise (and my own), I managed to finish all of the food at the restaurant, saving the restaurant a takeout box. I felt like I still had room for dessert, but I didn't want to go overboard. I can now see why midterms are bad for your health. The service was friendly and attentive from beginning to end, and most of the food was well-prepared. I definitely would not mind coming back for a third time!

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