Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Episode #192: Sushi Ville (2nd Visit)

Vancouver (Northeast), $ (Budget)

Whenever I have companions joining my sushi adventures, I always try to let them pick the restaurant. As long as it is a reasonable choice that won't likely give me food poisoning, I'm down. However, Joanna, Patrick, and Sean could not decide on one place to go. Sean's go-to restaurant was Banzai Sushi House, and Patrick is a loyal fan of Sushi Ville. Joanna just wanted to exercise and get ice cream. We ended up solving things the Raymond way: let's go to all three, one after another!

I had been to Sushi Ville once before and was not very impressed. However, Patrick persuaded me to give them a second chance by claiming that he was still alive after having been a regular there. Well, there was some truth to his words. There were also much fewer people this time (since we came on a weekday afternoon), so the food and the service should be better, right?

Giant House Roll - B-

I would never order the giant rolls myself, but for Sean and Patrick, it is all about the bang for the buck, so here we go. The sushi rice was about as crappy as before (it was too tightly packed and quite bland), but everything else seemed in order. With lettuce, cucumber, avocado, crab meat, salmon, tuna, and tamago, the Giant House Roll featured sweet tamago that complemented the crab meat well. It also came with mild wasabi mayonnaise on the side for those who would like more of a kick.

Giant Palm Beach Roll - B

The Giant Palm Beach Roll consisted of cucumber, crab meat, spicy tuna, and yam tempura. This was our favourite roll of the day. I believe it is also the reason Patrick is a regular of this place. The mildly spicy tuna did a good job of covering the blandness of the sushi rice. The yam tempura was pleasantly sweet, and together, the ingredients formed a nice mix of flavours.

Giant Spicy Crunchy Roll - B-

The Giant Spicy Crunchy Roll came with cucumber, avocado, spicy crab meat, and prawn tempura. This must have been the extra-giant version because we counted 14 pieces instead of the normal 10 for giant rolls. My table mates were more than pleased about the increase in quantity. Quality-wise, I felt that it was the weakest of the three rolls as the rice was too tightly packed, and the texture was a little hard around the edges. The batter inside was also quite greasy.

Tuna Gomae - B-

Next, the Tuna Gomae was very moist with a nice sesame flavour. However, none of us were fooled by the tuna, which tasted slightly fishy and was not very soft. The cutting of the pieces was not very clean either.

Beef Teriyaki with Rice - C+

Since I wanted to try a bit of everything, I insisted on getting an entree, so we ended up with the Beef Teriyaki with Rice. On my last visit, I had the Chicken in Soggy Wonderland, and this time, I was graciously presented with the Beef in Soggy Wonderland. What is up with their teriyaki?! Other than that, the teriyaki sauce provided a good amount of sweetness, and there was an abundance of cabbage and bean sprouts underneath, some of which were nice and soggy as well.

Joanna's Order

With fewer customers, the service was significantly better than on my last visit (when I was ignored for 15 minutes after getting a table). They even decorated Joanna's order to make it look like a work of art! The sushi was distinctly better than last time, and if only they worked on their sushi rice, the sushi would actually be decent. Perhaps I'll consider being a regular here if they get that fixed...

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